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Fundraising & Finance Free Catalogs

Here is just a sampling of the the free catalogs that we offer in Fundraising and Finance.  If you are looking for the best free catalogs featuring Fundraising Options for your school, organization or church, you have come to the right place.  Click here to see a full listing.

Go! Fundraising - GO! Fundraising provides you with great fundraising ideas, activities and materials. They have the industry's cutting edge programs, such as: GO!Card™, GO! ScratchPack™ and GO! Value Check Book™.  GO! Fundraising is one of the leading promotional fundraising companies. They have their own merchant's department that will get you the best discount offers. By using merchant's type fundraising programs, you are not limited to 50% profit. Get 60% to 90% profit instead. Why be happy with 50% profit?

Wow! Fundraising - WOW! Fundraising helps you with every aspect of the fundraising process. They provide you the best information, answer your questions, and give you the tools to be successful!  Qualifying Groups are eligible for: FREE Brochures & Order Forms, FREE Prize Programs, FREE Pre-packing per Seller, FREE Quick Start Prize Program, FREE Shipping & Delivery and much, much more!  Plan your fundraiser with a company that has 30 years in the food industry and provides the widest variety of products.

eFundraising by Readers Digest -  If you are looking for quick and easy fundraising ideas, look no further than eFundraising.com! Order your free catalog to find new and innovative ways to raise funds!  eFundraising.com, a subsidiary of QSP Reader’s Digest, offers quality service and proven fundraising programs. Sports teams, schools, youth groups and all other non-profit organizations can earn up to 90% profit on products such as World’s Finest Chocolate, Scratchcards, Magazines, Cookie Dough, Gift Brochures and more.  Experienced fundraising consultants and local field managers are available to make sure that all campaigns run smoothly and quickly.

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